An Introduction to Lucidity IT

Hello all,

I’d like to give you a brief introduction to Lucidity IT.

Lucidity IT is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We offer technical business solutions to the south-east corner, and Australia wide.  We have partnered with key vendors because we believe these vendors offer the ‘big picture’ ideologies that provide actual positive ROI to your organisation.

We actively encourage a ‘step back’ approach that takes into account requirements from your board level/C-Level down to the employees on the shop floor, to understand and offer innovative solutions that are intricately and purposely engineered to meet and exceed the business requirements/expectations.

Whilst cost is a commercial reality that we all face, innovative technologies are appearing on a daily basis that can provide a cost-effective solution to the most difficult problems. Reducing the CAPEX spend to a more agile OPEX expenditure can release far-reaching benefits for your organisation.

Not only do we keep abreast of current and upcoming technologies but we are constantly striving for ways that these technologies can reduce cost and increase efficiencies for SME to large enterprises.

We actively pursue a candid and upfront discussion of what the business actually requires, current problems being faced and the upcoming strategic direction of the organisation.  We can quickly  identify enhanced ways to use existing investments of technology, strategic ways to reduce complexity and help your organisation receive a positive return on investment from your technology budgets.

Lucidity IT offers a number of different services as well as general consultancy:

  • Virtualisation and Infrastructure Specialists
  • Client Focused Consultancy
  • Cloud Solutions Consultancy
  • Technical Governance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Services Agreements
  • Web Hosting

We’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have, please give us a call on:

Office phone: 07 5313 4050

or alternatively you can email us at: [email protected]

Looking forward to adding value to your organisation,

Lance Knight

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