Who We Are And What We Do

Lucidity IT is a Sunshine Coast based IT company delivering strategic enterprise technical solutions and consulting to non-profit organisations, manufacturing industries, aerospace, real estate, construction companies, councils, aged care and education sectors.

We provide solutions including but not limited to: cloud services, virtualisation, disaster recovery, storage solutions, share point services, technology governance, business continuity planning, business process analysis, enterprise architecture, security solutions, connectivity, web hosting, and software licensing management.


Noun 1. – Free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression

Noun 2. – The ability to see things clearly; rationality; sanity

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Company Mission

Our company mission is simple and enduring. It is clearly defined in two words:

CLIENT OUTCOME—We remain tightly focused on delivering quality solutions, and maintaining transparent client engagement.

Company Vision

Providing a service of tangible substance that leaves our clients with confidence in the effective delivery of the required outcome.

Company Values

Respect—Listen and value the ideas, and perspective of both clients and team members

Integrity—Doing the right thing by clients and fellow team members

Accountability—Taking ownership of the outcome and behaviour towards others

Innovation—Pursuing new creative ideas to effectively solve problems

Balance—Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

company values Company Culture

Lucidity IT fosters a culture with a supportive team dynamic with a strong focus on delivering client outcomes. We encourage open communication, clearly defined expectations, and a healthy work/life balance where both personal and professional growth and development are encouraged. Adaptability and flexibility are essential skills in a growing company within a rapidly changing industry, as a supportive team we help each other achieve our goals.